Reality Television

CHARISE Tangles Salon, Rancho Cucumonga

HOT PINK WALLS, leopard-print curtains and a massive pit bull named Diva. These aren't the usual surroundings for Inland Empire hair stylist Charise. But that's where a stint in television took her when she was chosen to swap salons with a Brooklyn counterpart for an episode of "Split Ends," a new reality TV series on the Style Network.


Normally stationed at the spacious Tangles Salon in Rancho Cucamonga, she traded places with a stylist from the five-chair Hello Beautiful salon in the "artsy" Williamsburg district of Brooklyn. Charise had seen a notice on a website that the show was looking for participants. With the blessing of Tangles owner Sandie DeBois, Charise contacted the producers. She went through an interview and a camera crew took a tour of the salon. "We were looking for stylists who had a distinct point of view and who would be fun to hang out with. But we also had to take their salons into consideration because ultimately, their co-workers would be characters on the show," says Domenic Morea, spokesman for the program.


"Charise was chosen because she had great energy and enthusiasm," he adds. At the Brooklyn salon, she not only met Diva the dog, but also a cranky cat named Love and two flamboyant gay stylists who took her under their wing and offered much support. Charise had to quickly adjust to clients who wanted the "messy, crazy look" of punk rockers rather than the groomed dos of the upscale families and soccer moms she is used to coiffing. Still, Charise says, "It was a lot of fun and I feel like I made some lifelong friends." The episode is scheduled to air in early January.